Why become an Experimax Franchisee?

Investing in an Experimax Franchise will position you in the rapidly growing, emerging technical industry that offers an infinite potential for growth.

  • Based on an innovative Turn-key Franchise Model that has proven to work

  • Strong sales history and growing profits
  • Extensive, premium product range
  • Comprehensive training programme and support from industry experts
  • Duality of sales and repairs

  • High closing ratios

  • Additional value-added services
  • Advertising and marketing in place
  • Location and set-up assistance

How will Experimax support me?

Training | Support | Marketing

To ensure the success of your Experimax Franchise, our team of industry experts will lead you in an extensive, on-floor training programme at one of our Experimax Hubs (Main Road Paarl, Western Cape). You will be provided with the knowledge and skills you will need to successfully run your franchise – from technical to business to marketing. Ongoing training support will also be provided.

What will it cost?
The start-up capital required is dependent on the size and location of the store, as well as your store’s stock. It will typically range between R1.5 million – R2.5 million.
Store size options:
– 70m2: Medium Store
– 80m2 – 100m2: Mega Store

How do I become part of the Experimax Franchise?
Visit our website: www.experimaxfranchise.co.za complete the form and we will be in touch.

Digital Marketing

Targeting prospective franchisees and customers: “Fish where the fish are” is an important strategy for Experimax. The prevalence of digital media and the rate at which digital media is consumed has made this an important marketing channel in South Africa.

Experimax has targeted 4 primary digital channels where the Experimax brand, stores and promotions are promoted:

Google search: Relevant keywords specific to the products and services offered are targeted. This means that Experimax is featured on the first page of Google searches. Google is the world’s biggest search engine and its versatility allows Experimax to target potential customers on a geographical and individual profile basis.

Facebook: Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, provides interesting and innovative marketing tools to “Boost” Experimax. Access to this channel allows Experimax to communicate with potential buyers in their (more relaxed) social time.

Exclusive database: Experimax has developed a loyal customer base with whom we communicate on a regular basis. This permission marketing channel provides an excellent opportunity for Experimax to share promotions and offerings with a qualified audience. Experimax is able to communicate, interactively, with its audience across multiple networks and devices.

Marketing Strategies

The ability of Experimax to reach and attract that right profile of buyer to the purchase event will impact on the success of the transaction and on the value achieved for the franchise. A key driver of success
is the Franchisor marketing capability and strategies. We have established the ideal marketing mix for reaching the target market. The following marketing strategies improve the results for the benefit of the seller.

Brand marketing:
Experimax invests in developing its brand and company in the media in order to build confidence for its Franchisee platform in the market. Our clients benefit directly from this activity in terms of achieving a return on investment and sales targets.

Matching our website via our referral system to specific stores:
We are able to capture customers into our national buyer’s system on a daily basis. These are matched with the franchisee servicing that area and are supported by the Experimax support team.

Online presence:
Through our well marketed website, www.experimax.co.za, which showcases our stores within South Africa, we provide the viewer with a comfortable and easy consumer experience.
• Dedicated emailers called “Experience the Experimax Difference” showcase promotions available and are sent to our extensive database of registered consumers, leads and referrals.